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Furnace Maintenance & Tune Up in Clarksville, TN

Furnace Maintenance & Tune Up Clarksville, TNFurnaces always want to break during the coldest times of the year. To prevent unexpected repairs, it is crucial that you perform annual furnace maintenance on your oil or gas furnace system. The team at Baggett Heating & Cooling has extensive experience in helping clients with everything they need to keep their oil furnace or gas furnace running smoothly. We provide dependable and courteous service to all our customers across Clarksville, TN. Whether you have a question or need to schedule a furnace tune-up, we are happy to assist you. Call us at 931-645-2859 for more information.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

We know you have a busy schedule, and your furnace is probably not at the top of your list of priorities. Thankfully, most systems require just a bit of maintenance and will keep working for years. Here are a few ways you can quickly and easily maintain your oil or gas furnace, lowering your heating costs and preventing costly repairs. Do the following:

  • Clean and replace your filter regularly.
  • Keep your duct system clean.
  • Do a visual inspection of your furnace every few months.
  • Call a professional to perform a furnace tune-up.

If you need assistance with maintaining your furnace, call Baggett Heating & Cooling at 931-645-2859 today!

Furnace Maintenance Schedule

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Baggett Heating & Cooling is regarding the timeline for furnace maintenance. It is crucial that you schedule your furnace maintenance before temperatures start to drop. Before you turn on your furnace, have it thoroughly inspected by a professional to ensure it is ready for operation. If you have a gas furnace, the risk of deadly carbon monoxide leaks decreases when you perform regular maintenance schedule. In Clarksville, we recommend that you give us a call before it cools down.

What is the best time to have a new furnace installed?

The absolute best time of the year to have a brand new furnace installed in your home so you and your family can live in comfort with heat in each room is simply when you are ready. Our HVAC technicians can install a brand new furnace for you any time of the year, no matter the season or type of weather outdoors. The best time only comes after you have performed adequate research, looked at the options for furnace models and makes that you would like in your home, and received more than one quote for the entire job. Buying a furnace heating system for the house is a large investment that requires a bit of research and thought in the process. Once you’re ready, or if you would like some advice from technicians who know this industry and understand the most efficient furnaces, then you can give us a call. We would be more than happy to help you out.

What are signs that my furnace may soon require replacement?

Like other equipment around the house, your furnace may offer a few telltale signs for when it comes time for a replacement. The furnace itself will ultimately break down after long years of use in the household. Most furnaces last around 10 to 15 years, on average. If the furnace is older than this, it is definitely time to look into a replacement. Another major factor to consider is whether or not your heating bill is going up each month. If you notice a rise in said heating bill, this means your furnace is beginning to lose its efficiency. It is time to invest in a replacement and save yourself a bit of money. Finally, if you are constantly undergoing repairs and paying out of pocket to ensure your furnace continues running each day, it is time for the old model to go right out the door. Our technicians can perform an inspection and tell you whether or not your furnace is on its last legs.

For more information about furnace maintenance and furnace tune-up in Clarksville, TN. Contact or Call 931-645-2859 to schedule your furnace maintenance today!